Dec 15, 2007

Three Applications of Flexible 2x4s

Download the Full 2x4 Presentation 3 PDF

Cool stuff this week! The grueling material studies were successful in providing good materials and processes to make three products. The Sine Lounge (seen above) starts as a chaise lounge and rolls up into a compact package. As if that wasn't enough, there's also Two by Floor, a flexible flooring system, and Flex Bench.

Thanks to Thanksgiving, we had an extra few days to make all the stuff for this presentation. I still think that ten days is not very much time to make two pieces of furniture and a flooring system plus a presentation, but its all done now and I think I came out with three decent models.

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tiana said...

i like the blog layout, clear and easy to digest. nice too that you posted your pdfs.. since i didn't see much of the soph. crits :(

check out my blog at sometime!