Nov 7, 2007

2x4s - 10 Explorations

Click Here to Download the full 2x4 Presentation 1 pdf

The latest project studio assignment is a materials exploration project. The choice of materials is between industrial cardboard tubes, and 2x4s. Choosing to use 2x4s, I did some experimentation and simple models that illustrate what I think are some of the defining properties of a 2x4: such as tall... or wood.... I find it really hard to take these assignments seriously when I'm not actually given an assignment. This was another one of those brainstorming assignment where instructor just says "Okay, go ahead class. Make 10 of anything as long as it's not a useful product." The good news is that I received positive feedback on my goofy presentation, and next week I get to narrow it from ten, down to three different ways to wreck a 2x4.