Jun 13, 2009

10,000 Photos!


The photo above was named "IMG_0001" by my camera. It took me a bit by surprise to see the photo counter on my Canon 20D roll from 9999 back to 1. I probably would have saved the shot for something a bit more interesting had I known.

I reluctantly bought the camera in Colorado when I was working for the College newspaper. I realized I couldn't keep up with developing film every week. Back when I was working for Joel Meyerowitz Photography I noticed that I had taken 2000 photos, and thought that was a big deal. Rob, a coworker, said "some people take that many photos in a week," which somewhat lessened the accomplishment. Well Rob, a person would have to take one photo every minute, for eight hours a day, for seven days to take 2000 photos! I'm happy to have chosen quality over quantity.

Recently my photography has been centered mostly around presenting and promoting my design work, and less on fine art photography. After taking 10,000 digital photos I have to think there are at least a few good ones.

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