May 12, 2008

iClamp Pro

Sick of trying to read the JHG Design Journal with only 1/4 of a screen? Then you need the iClamp pro: The perfect accessory for any almost new MacBook Pro
where 75% of the screen is gray due to a factory defect!

But seriously, there is a short circuit in my laptop screen that causes the bottom part of my screen to turn gray, like in the photo above. The only fix for it is to squeeze the screen with a clamp in just such a way that the screen connection is pinched, and the circuit uncrosses.

Apple products are beautifully designed with careful consideration to detail, and assembled with very tight tolerances: but it doesn't matter if the thing doesn't work and you have to stick a giant orange clamp on it!

I'm going to have to make a visit to the church of Steve Jobs (Apple Store) and get this straightened out.