Oct 30, 2007

Instant Village Final Presentation

Click here to Download the full Instant Village Final Presentation pdf

Cool Shelter Huh? It was a lot of hard work to put together something functional of this scale. As the first studio project of the year, Instant Village was a great survey of what it's like to take a product all the way from nothing to a finished functional prototype. Have a look at the pdf to get a look at the project start to finish.

Due to some supply problems, the tent looks like it was sponsored by McDonald's, but don't let that detract from the experience.

To see the team scramble to put it up while I take photos and boss them around, click on the video below (there is no sound: do not adjust your computer). Actual setup time was under 3 minutes.

Oct 21, 2007

Three View and Exploded View exercise

Hey, I learned how to draw! School really works. I did these on the train coming back from the Solar Decathlon in D.C. I think they're pretty neat.

Tony is finally letting me use a computer for 2D work. Here's the cooler version of the exploded airbrush (click to enlarge):

Hacked Design - Charrette

Check Out the Hacked Deign Website

Click here to download the full Hacked Design pdf

Every year the ID department at UArts has a charrette: a three day event where all the ID students are split into groups and design around a given topic. My group had two seniors, Brian Kelly and Eric Welch, one junior, and two other sophomores. Our topic was hacked design/ Design optimization.

Working from 9am through 4 in the morning for three days with a group of people I had never met before was a challenge. But don't think I've ever learned more about design in as short a period before. The seniors taught me a lot about design process and how to work under so short a deadline. The three "Do-it-yourself" products that we came up with (shown above) are very cool; the pdf has all the details. As a team we're in the process of patenting and marketing our ideas. Hopefully you will be seeing some of them soon.

Instant Village Presentation 2

Click Here to download the full Instant Village Presentation 2 pdf

This week as a team, we made a lot of progress in our design and presentation. We narrowed it down to one design (shown above), and added a number of features to last weeks design to make it collapse more... since that really is the only criterion.

The presentation is much more uniform than before, with a nice clean look. My contributions this week include drawing all the diagrams and sketches, drafting all the 3D models, taking all the photos, and the layout for several pages.

Oct 20, 2007

First Color Asignment

Click Here to download the full First Color Assignment pdf

I haven't tried to draw with markers since I was a young, but this assignment for 2D was all about it. Turns out it's fun. Tony is all about about big fat outlines and clarity, to communicate the ideas in our sketches. Unfortunately there really aren't any ideas in these sketches, just drawing practice.

Instant Village Presentation 1

Click Here to download the full Instant Village Week 1 Presentation pdf

The end product of the Instant Village project will be a physical shelter that will actually be built and used. This has become a team project, and class has been divided into groups of four. Each group has been assigned a topic that the professors chose from all the thumbnails we've been doing. My team's topic is "Expand and Collapse." Other groups received topics like "Rescue," and "Found Objects." We've started coming up with ideas for a shelter that is expandable and collapsible, and putting together a presentation. In addition to being involved in the design process, my contributions to the presentation include taking all the photos, building the model shown above, and making the materials page. If you want to see the names of all the team members and the rest of the presentation, download the pdf.

The presentation was very well received in projects studio class by the professors and students. The next day in 2-dimensional design techniques class the instructor, Tony Guido, reviewed our presentation not for content but for presentation design. I've never taken a beating in a critique like that. Tony's relentless examination of our presentation had me visibly sweating in my seat. The main problem was that each group member did their own couple of pages, and they were all slapped together a few minutes before we presented. Fortunately the after result of the critique was that I dusted myself off with a new resolve to do much bettter next week.

Shelter Concepts 2

Click here to download the full Shelter Concepts 2 pdf

Building on the concepts from the previous week, the assignment was to choose three categories and draw five concept sketches for each. I chose modular, backpack, and energy producing. If you look at the pdf, you may notice that I am missing one. If you've seen my desk it's probably surprising i was able to find 14 of 15 in the paper maelstrom that is my file system. It was a sketch of a backpack that has a telescoping pole in it that lifts you up in the air so you can see where you are, or avoid cougars trying to eat you or something.

I had a hard time coming up with a total of 35 original and different concepts, and I felt like the content was a little lacking. My plan to compensate was to airbrush some color in with Photoshop. The assignmet was to do plain black line drawings, but I have this theory that there is no cheating in design. After I pinned up my drawing before class, I noticed a small crowd around them inspecting the color; there was some oohing and aahing... my plan worked perfectly.

Oct 17, 2007

Shelter Concepts 1

Click here to download the full Shelter Concepts 1 pdf

This assignment is the beginning of the emergency shelter project called "Instant Village."

The goal was to come up with 20 thumbnail sketches for emergency shelters. The ideas I came up with are a bit more out-there than my classmates; everyone else pretty much pinned up twenty drawings of tents for the crit. There are about 35 ID students in my class, so after 680 sketches of tarps thrown over tree branches, my weird concepts seemed to be a relief.