Oct 20, 2007

Shelter Concepts 2

Click here to download the full Shelter Concepts 2 pdf

Building on the concepts from the previous week, the assignment was to choose three categories and draw five concept sketches for each. I chose modular, backpack, and energy producing. If you look at the pdf, you may notice that I am missing one. If you've seen my desk it's probably surprising i was able to find 14 of 15 in the paper maelstrom that is my file system. It was a sketch of a backpack that has a telescoping pole in it that lifts you up in the air so you can see where you are, or avoid cougars trying to eat you or something.

I had a hard time coming up with a total of 35 original and different concepts, and I felt like the content was a little lacking. My plan to compensate was to airbrush some color in with Photoshop. The assignmet was to do plain black line drawings, but I have this theory that there is no cheating in design. After I pinned up my drawing before class, I noticed a small crowd around them inspecting the color; there was some oohing and aahing... my plan worked perfectly.

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Clever counts!