Oct 20, 2007

Instant Village Presentation 1

Click Here to download the full Instant Village Week 1 Presentation pdf

The end product of the Instant Village project will be a physical shelter that will actually be built and used. This has become a team project, and class has been divided into groups of four. Each group has been assigned a topic that the professors chose from all the thumbnails we've been doing. My team's topic is "Expand and Collapse." Other groups received topics like "Rescue," and "Found Objects." We've started coming up with ideas for a shelter that is expandable and collapsible, and putting together a presentation. In addition to being involved in the design process, my contributions to the presentation include taking all the photos, building the model shown above, and making the materials page. If you want to see the names of all the team members and the rest of the presentation, download the pdf.

The presentation was very well received in projects studio class by the professors and students. The next day in 2-dimensional design techniques class the instructor, Tony Guido, reviewed our presentation not for content but for presentation design. I've never taken a beating in a critique like that. Tony's relentless examination of our presentation had me visibly sweating in my seat. The main problem was that each group member did their own couple of pages, and they were all slapped together a few minutes before we presented. Fortunately the after result of the critique was that I dusted myself off with a new resolve to do much bettter next week.

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