Dec 15, 2007

Material Exploration (2x4s)

Download the full 2x4 Presentation 2 PDF

Nine material study models were made this week from three categories: Bent, Flexible composites, and Woven. Lots of fun stuff... assuming you like pine lumber. This weeks presentation is a bit light on text, so if you have any questions please leave a comment.

Something that seems apparent, but is sometimes forgotten while getting caught up making so many models in a week: Do strength testing after taking photos. See if you can spot the broken stuff (the linked mat is not broken).

Rama, the I.D. department chair, spoke to students briefly about protecting our work: so new to the Design Journal this week is watermarking. From now on in all the oh so informational PDFs that you have been downloading will be stamped with the oh so annoying watermark "Jesse Gerard /" What this will do to prevent would be pilferers remains to be seen. But until I can come up with something better, learn to love the watermark.

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