Oct 21, 2007

Hacked Design - Charrette

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Click here to download the full Hacked Design pdf

Every year the ID department at UArts has a charrette: a three day event where all the ID students are split into groups and design around a given topic. My group had two seniors, Brian Kelly and Eric Welch, one junior, and two other sophomores. Our topic was hacked design/ Design optimization.

Working from 9am through 4 in the morning for three days with a group of people I had never met before was a challenge. But don't think I've ever learned more about design in as short a period before. The seniors taught me a lot about design process and how to work under so short a deadline. The three "Do-it-yourself" products that we came up with (shown above) are very cool; the pdf has all the details. As a team we're in the process of patenting and marketing our ideas. Hopefully you will be seeing some of them soon.

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Kiki Brown said...

Hey Jesse, will you link to me on this if you see this. I probably won't remember to remind you.