Jan 30, 2009

Write Like Jesse

Now you can write ransom notes and other nefarious documents in my hand writing! I made the font so that I can maintain continuity between my concept sketches with handwritten notes, and presentations designed digitally. In the end it looks very similar to how I write with a pen; so much so that it's creepy to see things that other people have written with it.

I encourage you to download "Write Like Jesse" and write things with it that I never would!
(and email them to me JesseHGerard@yahoo.com)


Karol said...

I am obsessed with your font (and I'm not arty at all, just happened across it on DaFont). We used it for the address labels on our wedding invitations and I use it on my instant messages. Love it. Thanks, Jesse.

Sven Hebrock said...

Dear Mr Gerad,

i writing to you, because i want to use your font on a comercial Website as a headline on every page. (on ca. 30-35 pages) Can you tell me, if its possible to use the font? What must i do? How much the font cost?

With best regards from Germany,

Sven Hebrock